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  • Think you have a virus?  Computer acting slow? Try MalwareBytes or AVG Free Edition. These are two of our favorite malware scanners.  If your computer is running slow or annoying you with popups stating your PC is infected, see if one of these can help you.  Just download and run the scans and the programs will tell you if anything is infecting your computer, and in many cases remove the threat..

  • Does your PC seem to need a tune-up?  Check out PCPitStop ... PC Pit Stop is a great site which will test many aspects of your computer.  In many cases, it will display results which show how your PC could be improved.  PC Pit Stop can fix some of your issues, but it may not tackle all of them (especially hardware issues).  For serious issues, you can always give us a call.

  • Not sure if an e-mail might be a scam, contain a virus, or be an urban legend? Go to, Snopes will tell you if your e-mail is junk.  Search using words from the e-mail and see what you find out! Actually Snopes is just a fun site to visit to check the facts about almost any subject.

  • This page will be updated as the virtual world evolves!  Bookmark this page to return for more links, tips, and tricks in the future!


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